Tring to do better

I have created a cover image creation tool.

It has been open sourced, here is the link Cover Paint.

The Unsplash api used in it is currently applying for Production and should be ready in a few days. If the interface reports an error, please try again in an hour.

I have also written some articles on xLog and other platforms, but I have always used either no cover image, default cover image, or the Unsplash image provided by the platform. Although it can be viewed, it does not showcase the main content of the article and still requires reading the title. It can be used, but it's not as good.

There were comments before asking why I don't use a cover image, which doesn't look very coordinated. At that time, I thought the default text cover provided could be used. I noticed that the format of the content cover in the weekly report of Raye's Journey ( author changed at some point and I thought it looked good, so I thought about changing my own cover image while slacking off at work.

I searched online but couldn't find any ready-to-use options. They were all logo designs that didn't match my needs. I also thought about using tools like Figma to create it, but I'm not very familiar with it and I would still need to find images (maybe there is a Unsplash plugin for direct download), so I didn't use this method.

Later, I found a tool called Coverview, which was quite useful, but the overall style of the page was not very good, and the title, author name, etc. could not be dragged. The templates were quite limited and it did not support uploading images. So I decided to create my own.

This is the initial version, and the basic functions have been implemented. The aspect ratio of the downloaded image is 16/9, which is compatible with the cover image upload module of xLog. In the future, more templates, drag and drop functionality, and other features will be added.

Feel free to leave comments about any useful, not useful, or other desired features.

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